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Macovill is an entertainment content company.

We create content such as animation, games, and comics and character IPs,
using media mix strategy to bring them closer to our viewers

We create characters loved by all ages and genders.

Be creative!

Do great things!

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Macovill dreams of a world full of characters.


We are creating a fun new world.

"As fun and exciting as a theme park!"

​Macovill's vision is to create a fantastic world full of characters.

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​Art and technology


Macovill values creativity and seeks to blend art with technology. Artists and engineers are all developers and creators at the same time.
We believe that teamwork, where everyone's abilities come together in harmony, leads to great results.

Autonomy and responsibility


We behave professionally in the way we work, play and relax.  Because We are passionate about what we do and we love our work, we respectful towards our colleagues.  We value cooperation over competition, and place IP performance over individual achievements.

Growth and sharing


We value both horizontal and vertical communication.  We always strive to grow, create success, and share the fruit.  Macovill, in our love for humanity, will make excellent and wholesome content .




Youtube, Animation

A sitcom-like animation content about a hero-trainee 'Cheetahboo' and his friends as they do their best to protect Planet Evergreen.

CheetahBoo brings together the entire family from children to adults!

The journey of CheetahBoo and his two friends as they protect their planet to become heroes, coming soon!

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Match Land

In production

Puzzle Game

A 3-match puzzle game with cute emotions and a thrilling touch!

Belly Bear was created from bubble gum spilled by a child visiting a haunted house.

The mischievous Belly Bear has taken over a ruined amusement park!?

Help Belly Bear and his innocent friends repair their ruined amusement park.

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OZ Re:write

In Production

Character Collecting Game

Together with the seven creators (rewriters), who were born by interesting reinterpretation of famous fairy tale owners, they embark on a journey to save the world against the fierce rebellion of fallen forces and witches.

With unique characters and attractive stories, it provides the fun of watching an animation.


Project B

In Production

Idle RPG

Raising the cute and lively Furry corps Idle Adventure

Legendary Magic Stone Missing Link Hidden Somewhere in Manimal Island!
Adventures of Furry to find the legendary Magic Stone, the Missing Link, to become the strongest hunter

The legend comes down that Furry looking for Missing Link can get a huge amount of secrets and power...
Join the adventure of Furry who are looking for Missing Link with various stories


vs. Evil

Random Defence Game

Defeat the devil-possessed monsters with your heroes!

The right combination of heroes will maximize effectiveness against the different types of monsters, such as demons, zombies, and skeletons appear in each wave.

Use the right heroes against the monsters to protect the village!

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Heroes vs Evil : Gacha Defense



In Production

Idle RPG

The next generation of idle RPGs has arrived!
The fun of the jackpot is added to the sense of accomplishment of challenge and overcoming.

A success story about a goblin who was robbed of all his goods by a dragon and goes from penniless to overcoming adversity and becoming a fortune!

With the help of magic slots, boxes of goods gradually pile up in the jackpot warehouse.

Try your luck!


Baby Shark
Run Away


"The most viewed video on YouTube: Baby Sharks🏆"

The story of the baby shark's new adventure, "Baby Shark Run Away!"

A mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends.
Be the main character of a thrilling story with friends from all over the world.

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3F, 56, Baumoe-ro 37-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel. 02-586-0206 | Fax. 02-586-0207

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