Macovill is an entertainment content company.

Create content through media mix strategies such as animation, games, and comics, and create character IP.

We will create the best characters that can be loved by all ages and genders.

Be creative!

Do great things!


Macovill dreams of a world full of characters.


We create a new world.

And we will enjoy it like in at an amusement park.

​Macovill's vision is to create a fantastic world full of characters.


​Art and technology


Macovill values creativity and seeks to blend art and technology. Both artists and engineers are developers and creators. We believe that teamwork, where everyone's abilities are well harmonized, will lead to better results.

Autonomy and responsibility


We work professionally, play and relax. They are passionate about everything and love their work, so they respect and respect their colleagues. We value cooperation rather than competition, and IP performance is paramount.

Growth and sharing


We pursue horizontal and vertical communication together. We strive to grow, create success, and share fruit. We will create good content by becoming a people-saving Macovill.



Project CheetahBoo

Game, Animation, Youtube

It is a comic sitcom where hero trainee 'Cheetahboo' and his friends struggle to protect the evergreen planet.

A cheetahboo loved by the whole family, from children to adults. Please look forward to the growth period of the three friends whose innocence explodes.

Shak it Shak it!

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​Cheetahboo Super Dash


​Project Oz

Game, Animation, Comics

To save the broken world, Dorothy and her friends challenge the'Second Coming of Goddess', who dominated the world.

Is Dorothy the queen in the prophecy that will save the land?

With unique characters and engaging stories, it is as if you are watching an animation.

In progress


Game, NFT

The world is in great confusion as the 'mirror crisis', which is full of doppelgangers

Under the orders of Rugal, king of Belfona, to survive to the end and prove himself, countless mercenaries flock to the speculative field, fighting to prove themselves.

A desperate fight between the red-haired knight 'Rygar' and the boy 'Yutah' begins.

In progress

Baby Shark Run Away


"The most viewed video on YouTube: Baby Sharks🏆"

The story of the baby shark's new adventure, "Baby Shark Run Away!"

A mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends.
Be the main character of a thrilling story with friends from all over the world.

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Project Bosco

Game, Animation, Comics

Favored by warriors and wizards from all over the world, the Bosco store is full of weapons, magic tools and treasures of all kinds.​

In Bosco, a store opened by a proud boy,'Utah', incidents continue to happen today.

In progress


Client programmer

Senior designer

Business PM

Graphic designer

  • We pursue flexible thinking and wit.

  • Character, Game, Animation, Comics, Humor, you need at least two of your fanatic favorites.



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